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Please submit your 2022 1583 forms before June 30, 2022

Storage for AGED parcels begins June 1, 2022


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A US Street Address for hire located .1 km from the Waneta Boundary Border Crossing


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Bring NEW 2022  USPS FORM 1583s when you come

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*new customers not previously registered must submit form 1583 before the United States Postal Service will deliver to any CMRA for you.



All deliveries RECEIVED before 2022 must be picked up by June 1, 2022.


Any "Aging" UPS/FedEx/Freight items not picked up by June 1st will begin to accrue storage fees and may become subject to being considered abandoned, unless you email and make acceptable arrangements for continued storage of AGING items that have been STORED here throughout the COVID years.

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PROPER ADDRESS FORMAT per the United States Postal Service CMRA requirements


4155 DEEP LAKE BOUNDARY RD # YOUR PMB (This is the number our agents assign to you)


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United States Postal Service Domestic Mail Manual
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Outgoing Drop Off

UPS and FEDEX with LABELS Attached may be dropped off for pickup by the carrier on the label at this location.  FedEx and UPS are stopping daily again. 


Make sure the label has printed correctly:

YOUR NAME on your return address

NOT CXG's name - YOU are shipping whatever is inside to whomever you are shipping it to. If the label has the store name we will not accept it. 

The USPS carrier has NOT authorized ANY drop offs at this location as of this time. If you need to drop off here you could call the Colville Post Office and ask if you may send out prepaid non-restricted outgoing parcels or mail from your PMB #____ at CXG. 


If THEY tell you YES then we will gladly accept it for their carrier to pick up in addition to UPS and FedEx. Make sure you get the name of who you spoke to. 



Frequently Asked Questions

My order said Free Shipping, why are you charging me?

The Columbia Exchange is not affiliated with your seller. Colubia Exchange charges a handling fee to use our USA address, which our staff receives, logs, and stores your package which is not included in your seller's shipping. The fees charged by the Columbia Exchange cover the use of your USA address at our warehouse facility. By using the Columbia Exchange's address you agree to our terms of service.

My order says my parcel has arrived in Colville, why isn't it here?

 Items will show “signed by” and “Delivered to Agent” when they are at the Columbia Exchange.

The Columbia Exchange is NOT the Colville Post Office. The Columbia Exchange is a privately owned commercial mail receiving agency warehouse. Once items arrive, our agents need time to process every delivery which includes to scan, log, sticker, sort and store every item into the warehouse.


Parcel Receiving, & Storage              Private Mailbox

Commercial Mail Receiving Agency (CMRA)
Terms of Service


I don’t have a customer number yet, do I have to drive there first?

Private Mailbox Number = PMB   |  Don't have a PMB number yet?

You must submit the form 1583 to warehouse staff  and the Colville Post Office must receive the processed form before you can use your USA shipping address and customer number (PMB) for US Postal Service deliveries including Smart Post and Sure Post which the US mail carrier may make the final delivery of.

Use your warehouse assigned PMB number on EVERY "ship to" address and  your return address must include your PMB # or it may be considered incomplete by the US Postal Service staff handling the mail.

The US Postal Service will "return to sender" any item improperly addressed and any addressee that does not match the 1583 form on file at the Colville post office at the sole discretion of the staff handling the mail.

The Customer Number assigned by WQS and Columbia Exchange LLC Agents is your PMB number (or Columbia Exchange customer number).

Every adult who receives deliveries at the Columbia Exchange is a Private Mailbox client.

By using this address you agree to our terms of service and fees whether you are registered or not. 

Why wouldn't I write the warehouse name?

The Columbia Exchange has over many registered customers, each using “their individual USA shipping address.” By using Columbia Exchange's address you agree to our terms of service which provides your own private USA street address. You are shipping your order to You, NOT to our business.

Do you take Canadian money?

No, WE ACCEPT USA CASH and PayPal from our website Only. We are unable to accept interact payments. 

Why are you charging me Postage Due?

THIS IS BEYOND OUR CONTROL. The USPS inspects all its deliveries, sometimes their reasoning is due to the shipper using the wrong packaging, or entering the incorrect dimensions/weight. Postage Due is assessed by the USPS. We will NO LONGER “front” ANY amounts for our customer's convenience. We never charged any markup or fee for Postage Due Loans. Postage Due Loans are no longer an option 

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