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Glossary of Terms


Addressee’s Agent | The person authorized by the addressee to pick up their mail from the Columbia Exchange warehouse on behalf of the addressee. Authorization must be in writing from the registered customer/addressee in the form of a note or electronic message.

CMRA | Commercial Mail Receiving Agency - Columbia Exchange is your commercial mail receiving agency as defined by the USPS once you submit your complete USPS Form 1583 to the CMRA Agent.

PMB | Private Mailbox number - your PMB is the customer number assigned by warehouse agents when you registered and submitted your USPS form 1583 to the Columbia Exchange Agent. Regardless of the size of your Private Mailbox or the services it includes, your customer number is your PMB. Make certain to include your PMB on every shipment.

Pick up Shipments | Bring the receipt showing what you paid for the items in your shipment(s) for the border. Bring the shipping tracking numbers supplied by the senders for all parcels you intend to pick up. The addressee must send electronic authorization or their agent must bring an authorization note from the addressee if you are picking up for someone else.

Tracking Number | the number assigned by the shipping carrier located on the shipping label, the seller you made your purchase from should send you the tracking number. A tracking number is not the order number.

USPS | United States Postal Service. The Colville United States Post Office serves the Columbia Exchange and all our registered customers who have a complete up to date USPS Form 1583 on file.

Colville, WA United States Post Office Phone: 509-684-2241

USPS Form 1583 | Application for Delivery of Mail Through Agent. Follow this link to the United States Postal Service website for a fillable USPS Form 1583:


Columbia Exchange CMRA Agent | Our warehouse staff who are authorized to be your mail receiving agent regarding receiving and storing your mail and parcels at this address by the United States Postal Service form 1583.

Your Name | Your name on the shipping label and return address label must match the United States Postal Service form 1583 on file. If you get married or move you must submit a new updated United States Postal Service form 1583.

Your USA Shipping Address | By using the address, 4155 Deep Lake Boundary Rd, Colville, WA 99114, to purchase items for delivery whether by private carrier, UPS, FedEx, United States Postal Service, DHL, Heavy Freight, or individual person/courier to you, the addressee, agree to the Columbia Exchange/WQS Terms of Service. Make certain to read the terms of service posted in notes and on website as some strict policies may affect your shipments. If you are not clear what the terms of service are ask any Columbia Exchange CMRA Agent to explain where to find the terms of service.

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