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Registration Forms

The Columbia Exchange Online Registration Form is an initial introduction to us and not a complete registration for our parcel and warehouse services. 

Our Service Agreement, terms of service, and the USPS form 1583 must be signed in person with at the Columbia Exchange depot agents.

Columbia Exchange Registration

To begin registration, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Instructions for USPS FORM 1583

ps1583 INSTRUCTIONS_Page_2.jpg

The USPS Form 1583 is required by the US Postal Service and must be on file in the Colville Post Office before you may use your PMB. This legal US Government Entity document authorizes our Agents to receive and handle your mail and parcels carried and delivered by the US Postal Service.


Original 1583 forms are submitted to the US Post Office quarterly. A duplicate original form must be kept on file with Columbia Exchange Agents and submitted to the USPS to terminate your authorization agreement with The Columbia Exchange. 


This form is not required by Columbia Exchange in order for you use our services, this form is solely for United States Postal Service. UPS Sure Post and FedEx Smart Post may be handled by US Postal Service. 


The US Postal Service is extremely strict regarding address labels. Make sure to use your PMB on every shipment to avoid issues with the USPS.  ALWAYS INCLUDE A RETURN ADDRESS WITH PROPER FORMAT.


If you choose to avoid submitting this form you will experience negative issues with any parcels handled by the United States Postal Service. 


To avoid issues with the USPS complete the form 1583 and use your PMB number on all shipments.

ps1583 INSTRUCTIONS_Page_1.jpg

About USPS Form 1583

MANDATORY US Postal Service Form 1583 to receive US Postal Service mail at any USA CMRA address (private mailbox business) must be completed in person OR notarized and mailed in. 

Registration Forms: Our Services
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